Here's the Scoop on Poop! 

     Did you know... Pet waste is almost taboo to some people when we are out marketing.  But what they don't know is unlike farm animals that feed on grasses and produce waste high in nitrogen which is great for the soil, dogs feed mainly on meat byproducts.  This means that their waste contains many harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Hookworms to name a few.

Dog waste does not break down and although it does produce some nitrogen, it grows highly acidic over time causing burns spots on your grass thus killing any vegetation.  It is also the 3rd leading cause of water pollution.  The EPA goes as far as calling it an environmental hazard.

Benefits of Scooping!

  • Keeping your family and pets safe from harmful infections.

  • Warn of any potential health issues with your pet that could otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Outdoor entertainment 

  • Convenience - Busy Life 

  • Affordable with service frequencies to meet your needs.  

  • Healthy Lawn - No burn spots on your lawn

  • Water contaimination

  • Remove it from site. Never placed in your trash.

  • Tired of stepping in it, dogs stepping in it or rolling over it with the lawn mower!



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