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"We started Doody Happens Pet Waste Removal because as dog owners, we know that maintaining good health of our pups can go beyond routine vet visits.   Keeping your yard clean and free of contaiminated waste is the best way to protect your pups and your family.  Not only does our service provide reasons beneficial to health, it also plays an important role in the care of your lawn.  By removing the waste we eliminate harmful agents and help maintain the beauty and integrity of your lawn. "


Diane Dudenhefer

"Dogs have always been a part of my life.  When I was seven years old, my parents  decided to add a pup to our family.  For me, it was my first.  I never knew how much I could love and care for something like I did our West Highland Terrier, Daisy.  Like most of us over the years, we have loved, lost and loved again.  I can truly say my pups have given more to me than I could ever possibly give them.  I can't imagine life without one or two, well okay, three." 

"If you haven't yet, rescue.  It is the most gratifying feeling you will ever experience." 


Teri Diaz

"I spent my summers on my mamaw and papaw's farm in New Albany, Mississippi.  My love for animals started at a young age raising my pig Dudy, gathering eggs with mamaw, and watching papaw milk the cows. My first pup was a beagle named Socks. I learned just like with farm animals how to love and take care of him.  Little did I know, he was the first of many to come!"

Teri Diaz and Diane Dudenhefer - Co Owners Doody Happens

Teri Diaz and Diane Dudenhefer - Co Owners Doody Happens


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